Is helpsvc.exe a harmful file (Trojan, virus, spyware/malware)?

It is important for you to remember that helpsvc.exe is not essentially a harmful file. It is an automatic command that comes with the more recent editions of Windows (Windows Vista and beyond). It is often deleted by unknowing consumers because it has been known to take up large amounts of working memory at one time. This can be tracked through the task manager window located in your control panel. If this is the case, you may want to end the program. If you are like many people, you may wonder if it would be easier to simply delete the program. If the helpsvc.exe file is removed, help access via the Internet will be unavailable as well.

What else does helpsvc.exe affect?

This does not extend to the Microsoft Office suite, but it is akin to deleting the help button for all Windows related issues. While most tech savvy people will tell you that is not a big deal, there is a more insidious overall affect. You will lose access to automatic updates to your Windows related programs. This little known connection is something that causes people to think twice about their decision to delete helpsvc.exe. When programs are first released, such as Windows, there are many bugs associated with the original edition. These issues are documented and then remedied. When these issues are ready to go out to all registered users of the program, it is put out as a routine “update”. If you have deleted your helpsvc.exe command, you will never know when one of these updates is made available to you (read more at

While receiving updates may not seem imperative, when a program has a critical update, the inability for your computer system to properly download and install this update may mean a crucial security loophole for your system as well. If it is a small bug, perhaps that is not a major problem. However, if it is something that is significant, you may feel like you need to get a new copy of the very same program. This could have been avoided if you did not delete the helpful command in the first place.

If the program has been deleted from your system, a complete reinstall is recommended. Under no circumstances should you seek to obtain another copy online, as harmful files are often disguised as or embedded in these files. You may believe that your anti-virus software program installed on your computer may be able to detect the malware version of the virus. In some cases, detection of viruses, spyware, or malware occurs after the damage has been done. This is why preventative scans are highly suggested.

The bottom line is that these viruses can hide in your WINDOWS\Systems32 folder and appear the same as the original file in every way. By the time you realize what happened, it is usually too late. Your personal information is at risk. So, to avoid all of these complications, seek other alternatives before deciding to delete this file.

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